GSTRAIL.EU advocates the 10 following advices from the website :

Download it here:

It can not insist enough: the behaviour of the participant must be irreproachable, and the CODEVER has never supported illegal doings from incivil people.

More than ever it is important to raise the newcomer’s awareness.

We count on all the participants, riders, associations, professionnals to transmit the message.

  1. OFF ROAD riding will happen on countryside trail and adapted places.

Circulation limit on countryside trail depend on an order or a decree and it is mandatory that they are indicated at the entrance of the trail : highway code signs, barriers, etc.

  1. No hors-piste It is strictly forbidden not to folow the tracks on a double track trail.
  1. Do not confuse the tour is not a competition

Same rules as on road apply, no excessive speeds and one’s must keep his own vehicle under control at all times. If not such behaviour could be dangerous and punished.

  1. Be courteous with local residents, farmers or forest wardens, and hikers. Some users might be seeking for calmness and could be surprised as the group passes. When one’s pass hikers please do so at a slower pace and one’s will turn off the engines for horses.

Always ride in a small group.

Saying hello will add some courtesy !

  1. Respect nature, private properties and crops.

Harvesting is a farmer’s job, and nature is good for all of us. To respect that is also to protect our activity.

  1. Respect trails and their surroundings.

Trails erode easily and are sensitive to humidity. Being careful about that is also respecting those who are in charge of their maintenance.

  1. Ride with a non polluting vehicle, in accordance with the law and not noisy (max 95 Db)

Regulation is the same as on the road.

You must have a valid driving licence and take part to the event with an appropriate vehicle.

Registration papers of your vehicle must be in order.

The vehicle must be insured, registered and have all highway code required features : lights, indicators, rear-view mirrors…

Do not ride with a loud exhaust.

  1. Adapt you riding and your equipment to the weather.

Trails can be very slippery according to the weather. You should therefore equip your vehicle accordingly and ride accordingly…

  1. Respect regulations and highway code.

If you are facing a sign or a barrier that doesn’t allow you do go further you should make a u-turn and/or change direction. In case of offence you stand no chance to be right and fines can be very high…

  1. Be properly insured.

On top of an insurance for your vehicle you should have a legal protection like that you could benefit freely of a lawyer in case of abusive fine.