General conditions and regulations

General conditions and Regulations

Appendix to the registration file

Each page must have your initials and last page must be signed

Article 1 :             

Under the aegis of the association « CCM&Co l’asso GS-FR » and through the organizer (GO) chosen by the association, a private motorbike tour (non sporty) is proposed having as a goal to discover a region and touristic place.

Michel RAEDEMAEKER, duly chosen by Wilfrid Berthelot, who is the president « CCM&Co l’asso GS-FR » will organize a motorcyclist encounter according to this regulation on may 30th 2015.

The association « CCM & Co l’asso GS-FR » and the organizer Michel RAEDEMAEKER can not be held responsible for any delays, changes, partial or total cancellations, for restrictions imposed by local or national authorities, by the necessities or by serious external events (strikes, attacks, wars, etc)

The organizer is covered by the insurance of the association GSfr.

Article 2 :

GSTRAIL.EU has not got any commercial purpose and all the GO’s are helping as voluntary work. This group has been created to make it easy to communicate and to facilitate information exchange about trail bikes and as well to propose activities from GSTRAIL.EU or it’s partners.

Activities from GSTRAIL.EU are open to owners or pilots of « trail bikes », the route can go through some sections which will require a specific equipment.


The organizer centralizes hotel bookings and/or restaurants and payments as well to guarantee the best prices for the participants and cover organization’s costs.

Registration will happen on a first pay first serve basis. Full payment can guarantee your participation only after if the organizer’s approval.

It is a private activity, the organizer will always have the choice to accept or refuse a registration, if need be the payment will be reimbursed.

All relevant documents can be found on the website

  1. The participation form is to be fulfilled and sent via the registration confirmation link.
  2. Full payment must be paid on BE banks account

General terms and conditions must absolutely be signed and each page must have your initials on. You must sign the last page « Read and approved good for agreement » and send imperatively to :

GSTRAIL.EU – Grand Chemin 39 – 7830 SILLY – Belgium

The « Charter of respect and safety » is to be read and available on the website.

Through registration the participant accept to respect it.

Pre-registration will give you priortiy to participation as soon as registrations are opened and only for a period of 15 days. After that period if payment hasn’t been received and relevant documents haven’t been sent, the person who is pre-registered will lost his priority.

Reception of payment will determine registration order only after the organizer’s approval.

If the number of participation requests is greater than the available slots, a waiting list will be opened.

Pre-registerd riders on the waiting list will be able to join the event according to the possible cancellations.

All relevant information can be found on the website

The GSTRAIL RALLY IIIrd Edition will take place on 30th may 2015.

At the beginning of the day you will receive your passes for the day.

Article 3 :

This encounter is organized on may 30th 2015 and is open from Saturday 7am until 7pm.

Drinks are not includued and we strongly advise you not to drink if you ride.

« To drink or to ride, you must choose » => Art 6.

If a participant wishes to arrive the day before we can propose you, under certain conditions, some places starting Friday at 7:30pm. For more information you can refer to the accomodation section on the website or contact the secretary’s office.

Children under 16 years of age can take part in the event only under their parents responsibility.

The journey to and from the place of the encounter is under the participants full responsibility.

During the event fuel and any other expenses related to the bike are to be paid by the participant (pilot or owner)

Article 4 :

This private event is open according to the organizer’s approval to the members of GSForum, to the list GS-FR as well as the members of the association CCM & Co l’asso GSFR, to members of the FB group GSTRAIL.EU as well as to their eventual passenger and to the specifically authorized persons by the organizer. The maximum number of participants can be limited by the organizer (pilots + passengers)

This event is not a race nor a concentration, but it is a friendly encounter between people who share the passion of trail bikes under the form of a discovery bike ride. For safety purposes departures will occur by groups of minimum 2 and maximum 5 riders at a time. This is valid for the ON ROAD itinirerary as well as for the OFF ROAD itinerary.

Road books and itiniraries are just a proposal and will never represent an obligation. Each rider must respect highway code.

The rider is never forced to follow the suggested route. Even though the itinerary is well prepared it is possible that errors could happen.

The organizer can not be held responsible regarding this matter. If such a situation should happen it is the rider’s responsibility to bypass the obstacle and respect highway rules.

The participant strictly commits to never give the roadbook and GPS coordinates of the RALLY GSTRAIL.EU to a third party or to make them available on the internet.

Those who do not respect this commitment will be forever excluded of all future activities organized by GSTRAIL.EU

Some routes/tracks may have required specific authorization for the GSTRAIL.EU RALLY and everyone will understand that it is capital to respect those exceptions.

Article 5 :

During the event, all participants must be able to show at anytime on request their identity papers and driving licence as well as all the papers regarding the motorbike. All papers must be valid.

All vehicles must be registered, properly insured in accordance with the highway code.

The owner of the vehicle must be insured with a third party insurance that will cover any damage he could be held responsible regarding third parties.

The pilot and his passenger if there is a passenger must wear an officially recognized complete riding gear.

The organizer can not be held responsible if the noise level of the vehicles, the lack of authorized parts (exhaust, indicators, horn, helmet, tires etc) are not within the local regulations.

It is specifically asked that the noise will not exceed 95 Db at 1m of the exhaust. The owner/participant should make sure that his vehicle is equipped with a « Db Killer»

Article 6 :

Michel RAEDEMAEKER, the organizer has the right to exclude anyone who’s behaviour is contrary to the event running smoothly or if one’s behaviour is dangerous for the safety of other participants in general.

Article 7 :                

Michel RAEDEMAEKER, the organizer has the right to exclude any vehicle that would not be in accordance to the event, that would be in poor condition or too noisy

Article 8 :                            

GSTRAIL.EU RALLY is not a race or a competition, if a rider blocks the track the participant will show solidarity and help the other participant. Also there is no overtaking on tracks.


The participant will rigorously respect the organizer’s, Michel RAEDEMAEKER and GO’s instructions during the event. And if it is the case to warn the organizer of any incident.

Participants must follow the belgian highway code and are responsible of their actions to other users and legal authorities.

Article 9 :


The organizer can not be held responsible for any damages that could occur during the tour to a vehicle, it’s accessories or the rider’s equipment. This includes fire, accident, theft or any other kind of damages.

The organizer can not be held responsible for any damages and/or accidents that could happen to the participant or a third party or that could be provoked by a participant to a third party whatever the extent of these damages.

The exoneration of responsibility extends as well to the damages due to a failure, a mistake, an omission, a destruction whatever the cause may be.

The itineraries are not imposed but are proposed as a complimentary.

Each participant is totally responsible for his route choice, for his way of riding, of the tracks he will use and he must comply to local highway code.

Any GO’s of GSTRAIL.EU can not be held responsible for itineraries mistake in the road book that he will receive or gps coordinates. The pilot must be vigilant.

The participant must evaluate consciously at any time, if he is able to follow the collective tour or not.

The participant must be conscious of his skills, physical abilities and technique before taking part to any OFF-ROAD section.

Gathering points (meals, accomodation and probable visits) will be given by the organizer to each participant.

It will always be an option for the participant to bypass the itinerary and to join the gathering points by his own route and means.

Article 10 : Advertising

The organizer can make agreements with the brands or sponsors he desires.

Taking part to the GSTRAIL.EU implies the participant’s agreement to be photographed. If this should be the case, the participants accepts that their pictures can be used by the press, on websites and forums.

Article 11 :

Registration will end on 31 january 2015 or as soon as the maximum numbers of participants is reached.

According to the choosen formula the participant should pay the whole price in one payment. NO CHEQUES WILL BE ACCEPTED, ONLY WIRE TRANSFER.

The transfer is to be made to GSTRAIL.EU on the ING account in Belgium :

Bank details :

  • IBAN  BE18 3770 4104 3565

Communication : « GSTRAIL.EU RALLY 2015 » + Name and forename of the pilot and eventually his passenger + choosen formule

Pilots and passengers who do not follow this in the allocated time will loose their booking.

A 15 days priority is given to the pre-registered, the date of payment will determine the registration order

Article 12 :

In case of withdrawal of a pilot or a passenger, registration fees will not be refunded. This does not apply if the event is cancelled.

Article 13 :

The organizer Michel RAEDEMAEKER has the right to change or modify the event as a whole if necessary.

Article 14 :

The non-respect of any articles of these rules will be a cause of exclusion. This will have as a consequence of a total withdrawal of the organizer’s and the association responsibilty.

The expelled participants will not be refunded for their registration fees.

Article 15 :

The organizer Michel RAEDEMAEKER will be the only one making decisions and he has all power over this matter.

 Article 16 :

The participant declares having read the safety and respect charter of GSTRAIL.EU available on

Articles 1 to 16 of this regulation are a document of 7 pages.

Participants must sign it with the registration form, and put their initials on each of the pages and sign it. The participants must add :

« Read and approved good agreement »

Make :………………….Type……………

Registration :……………………………..

Pilot’s last name…………………..First name………………..

Passenger’s last name…………….First name……………….

Email :……………………………..

Date :……./……../201..

Signature preceeded by « Read and approved good agreement »