Off-Road itinerary

It is an itinerary that will include different types of tracks and trails… with some road links. Do not forget to respect the highway code even when using field and forest trails…

You will choose the road-book according to your riding skills and your capacity to analyze the course but the weather forecast as well.

The OFF ROAD itinerary is accessible to SOLO riders and if your bike is equipped with suitable tires.

For the safety on OFF ROAD itinerary, it is mandatory to ride in small groups (3 to 5 riders). This will give you the opportunity to enjoy the itinerary and respect nature at the same time.

The participant will be riding on dirt countryside trails, or covered with stones and gravel or even grass,… sometimes muddy or with deep tracks that will require your vigilance at all time. In case of rain… or humid ground… it will be more hazardous.

A suitable trail tire is highly advised (TKC70 or 80, KAROO, K60, etc.) This is not a competition and road-books are only a proposed discovery itinerary !

There will not be any mecanical or medical aid, evryone must know his riding skills and assume his itinerary.

If necessary it is always possible to bypass the itinerary and join at the lunch or evening gathering point.

The organizer can never be held responsible for the consequences of a participant choice and/or actions.


  • The morning itinerary will be more demanding and will require good riding skills and technique and is only open to experienced pilots (skills, endurance, rythm, range…)
  • The afternoon itinerary will be more « basic »