On-Road itinerary

The « ON ROAD » itinerary includes « discovery » roads…

A lovely road between fields and belgian countryside forests where one can ride at a good rythm  trying to avoid as much as possible bigger roads and « common » itineraries.

Nevertheless it is possible that a beautiful easy trail without major technical difficulties could occasionally be used ( SEE PICTURE « rule exception» in this album)…this for the participant greatest happiness!

Our ON ROAD itineraries must be ridden according to the GSTRAIL.EU safety rules which means within a group of 5 riders maximun especially during the rally.

According to your evaluation of the situation YOU will decide of the rythm of course respecting the highway code.

We insist that the participant respect the « one group at a time » start policy and start by small groups to avoid finding yourself stuck in traffic within the tour.

During the GSTRAIL.EU RALLY we insist on the participant being there on time for the « lunch » break at 12 :00pm !!!

A few pictures examples :